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ISS Spends Christmas in Its Own Way

ISS Spends Christmas in Its Own Way

Nobody likes spending Christmas at work in the event that they may help it; however typically, there’s simply no getting out of it. For instance, if you’re stationed in orbit 250 miles above the planet.

However, regardless of being as distant because it’s humanly doable to get from Earth – the place Christmas was invented – astronauts aboard the International Space Station handle to maintain their office fairly festive. They festoon the station with decorations, put up Christmas timber, open presents, and even get Christmas dinner.

Listed here are some wonderful moments from the various Christmases which have been celebrated aboard the ISS. Astronauts might not be capable of deciding their very own actual fir tree; however, for years, they have been citing pretend ones and adorning them with tinsel and decorations.

In November this year a specially designed “space oven” was shipped to the astronauts on the ISS to experiment on the affect intense warmth and 0-gravity would have on baking cookies; nevertheless, NASA confirmed that the astronauts will solely be baking five experimental cookies on this oven and won’t eat them. It is inconceivable to organize a full roast meal on the ISS; however, astronauts nonetheless get an approximation of a Christmas dinner.

For Christmas 2018, crew members received a meal of smoked turkey, candied yams, corn, inexperienced beans, mac and cheese, and potatoes au gratin. This was adopted by dessert choices of strawberries, bread pudding, butter cookies, and shortbread cookies. This feast was shipped as much as the astronauts just a few weeks forward of Christmas aboard a SpaceX Dragon spacecraft.

Presents from the astronauts’ households are shipped as much as the ISS forward of Christmas day. Their families should be organized, generally sending presents up as early as November to coincide with cargo ships traveling to the station with new provides and science experiments. This year’s batch of Christmas presents and food was brought up by another SpaceX Dragon ship on December 8.